SCiAN announces Education Scholarship Fund

SCiAN is pleased to announce the establishment of a scholarship fund to encourage students pursuing undergraduate/graduate degrees in Statistics and Biostatistics.

The scholarship fund will support the education and development of the next generation of biostatisticians. A total of 5 scholarships, each a value of $ 2,500.00 will be awarded to applicants from North America following a rigorous selection process.

In announcing the scholarship fund, St. Clare Chung, Vice President – Biostatistics and CDM said: “SCiAN has been in the Biostatistics and Clinical Data Management service sector for over 30 years and throughout our history, we have always employed new graduates from the applied statistics/biostatistics background. These new graduates bring energy and enthusiasm to SCiAN while developing their skills and increasing their knowledge.  So it is only natural that we encourage students to pursue careers in biostatistics by offering these scholarships.”