Solution for Startups & Biotechs

Services provided for Biotechs have been the cornerstone of SCiAN's business since 1990, the beginning of the biotech era. Our portfolio of studies includes more than 350 clinical trials completed for Startups and mid-size Biotech companies, primarily in North America. Our services included study design, protocol development, data management (edc, paper, fax), randomization, medical monitoring, SAE management, DSMBs, interim analyses, final analyses, safety updates, clinical study reports, and manuscripts.

Studies completed by SCiAN ranged from small and complex phase I/II oncology trials to large-scale global II/III trials managed in collaboration with Sponsor's team and other clinical / site management CROs and functional service providers. Our senior consulting team is routinely asked to participate in strategic planning as members of Steering Committees, DSMBs, and Clinical Advisory Boards. In this capacity - as a true "Biotech CRO" - we are asked to plan and analyze pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies / data (clinical or preclinical), re-analyze or design new preclinical toxicity studies.     

We believe, SCiAN's new business model of "subscription based EDC studies" complemented with our scalable services offering of:

  • Level 1: Data is Fully managed by Sponsor / CROs
  • Level 2: Selected data management tasks done by SciAn on demand (backup function)
  • Level 3: Full service data management, biostatistics, and reporting services by SciAn(a full service model)

offers the desired flexibility many of our clients seek in their early-stage drug development programs.