2018 SCiAN Scholarship Winners

SCiAN’s scholarship fund was established in 2018 to encourage students to pursue a career in Biostatistics.

We are incredibly pleased to announce the recipients of this inaugural scholarship.

Alycia Perkins – University of Waterloo

Alycia has a strong interest in the field of epidemiology. and often jokes that one day she can study the zombie apocalypse!  Her main aspiration in life is to help people and in trying to decide on a career path, she fell into biostatistics by accident and was inspired by her instructor’s passion for the subject when taking “Introduction to Medical Statistics”.  Her next step is enrolling in a Masters of Epidemiology or Biostatistics program, either in Ontario or abroad.

Yiyao Song – University of Toronto

Song, a statistics specialist, says the scholarship was a big – and very welcome – surprise.  She attributes her academic success to the fact that she genuinely enjoys her statistics and actuarial science studies, as well as testing her skills on solving problems in the field.  

“I really like that it’s so diverse.  We learn about statistics, combined with programming and analyzing real-world data.  These are all critical skills today,” she says.